Heald's HT1-Raptor combines the high security of a roadblocker with the flexibility of a shallow mount autobollard. Tested to both UK PAS68 and US ASTM standards, not only will it halt a 7.5 tonne truck travelling at 80 kph it will also continue to function following the impact.

As the Raptor was tested as a single unit, it can be used either as a standalone bollard or as part of an array to secure an opening of virtually any size. It has an extremely small footprint, and requires an excavation depth of only 500 mm.

Raised and lowered remotely by a push button interface, the Raptor is also available with Heald's Hydra control and monitoring system, which allows far more detailed interaction with the unit than any other system currently on the market. It can also be supplied with an EFO (Emergency Fast Operation) system where required.