Road Blockers

The Bavak Road Blocker® is robust, safe and can be installed in any road surface. It is ideal for high-security areas such as airports, banks, cash centres, embassies, customs, and military bases. With a Bavak Road Blocker® your entrance is really secured.

The Bavak Security Group has 25 years of experience in road blocking technology. The Bavak Road Blocker® is available in various standard heights and widths and can be installed flush-mounted in the road surface. The Bavak Road Blocker® can work as a stand-alone device or in combination with an Arm barrier or conventional gate.

In the "up" position, the Bavak Road Blocker® acts as an impenetrable barrier and forms a highly visible deterrent. In the "down" position, the Bavak Road Blocker® is no obstacle to passing vehicles. The Bavak Road Blocker® will be tailor-made to suit your site requirements and is designed to meet the various weight classes (up to 20 tons in axle weight). An E.F.O. (Emergency Fast Operate) unit can be added as an option. The drive system can be electro-mechanical (STE) or electro-hydraulic (STH), depending on the specifications. The control cabinet includes a PLC controller, which allows the use of any access control equipment and detection loops.

  • Very highly impact resistant
  • In the "down" position, the Blocker is hidden in the road surface
  • Can be combined with an Arm Barrier or conventional gate
  • Opening speed between 2 and 4 seconds
  • PLC control unit
  • Various heights (300/650/800 mm and widths (2,000-6,000 mm)