Spike Barriers


The Spike Barrier has been developed for locations which require very high security and a highly visual deterrent. The row of rising steel spikes will totally destroy the tires of any vehicle attempting unauthorized entry.

The Spike Barriers are manufactured to the highest specifications and have been developed for locations which require very high security.

Spike Barriers effectively control or prevent access. The Spike Barriers are available in different widths to accommodate various site requirements and low to high-risk security applications.

The operation speed is between 2 and 4 seconds. The Spike Barriers are designed and approved to various weight classes; 20 to 60 axle load capacity. The drive system can be electromechanical of hydraulic, depending on the requirements and specifications of the customer. The Control Cabinet includes a PLC, enabling any access control equipment or operational functions to be accommodated.

  • PLC control unit
  • Opening speed between 2 and 4 seconds
  • Highly visual deterrent
  • In down position the Barrier is hidden in the road surface