Orion Entrance Control, Inc. is an American manufacturer providing the world with technically superior and architecturally pleasing optical turnstile solutions for high rise buildings, government centers, education campuses, and corporate headquarters.

Orion Turnstiles

Orion's Beam Scanning Optical Detection (BSOD) system continuously checks the lane area for patterns of movement. This algorithmic pattern beam scanning allows authorized users to pass through the lane quickly and effortlessly, even while carrying items such as laptops, briefcases or purses, or when pulling or pushing carry-on luggage.

The Orion BSOD system allows for faster throughput by continuously scanning the lane in both directions simultaneously. This innovative approach allows for card credit stacking in both directions, which permits users to walk through the lane without requiring the barrier to reset between transactions. The BSOD system's ultra-precise detection lane, spanning only 1/4 inch, allows for the least amount of false alarms with the highest degree of security screening.

The Orion product line utilizes recycled steel and other raw materials whenever possible. Additionally we use recycled finish materials such as Paperstone for tops and bamboo panels for base finishes. We work with our suppliers to assure that they are also working toward a green program.

Offered turnstile types:

  • Pure Optical
  • Optical Barriers
  • Optical Speed Gates
  • Mechanical